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Logo Identity & Branding Examples

Below are some examples of logo identities we have created. This should give you an idea of the high caliber design work we produce for our clients. Every logo is created to visually communicate the unique identity of your brand and what it represents.

Grand Rapids Brand Development

904 Apparel

Grand Rapids Brand Agency

Symonds Solutions

Logo Identity Branding Grand Rapids, MI

The Drone Company

Branding Grand Rapids Marketing

Alliance Analytical Labs

Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

Shaping your brand is one of the most important and first steps you should take when putting together your marketing strategy. Branding helps your business grab your target audience’s attention and keep it for the long haul. An effective brand strategy will turn a first-time buyer into a lifelong loyal customer. Check out the section below to see what is needed to cultivate how your business is perceived by customers.

Branding Agency Grand Rapids Marketing

Elements of Branding

Your mission and brand values are the bedrock of your overall branding. They serve to define the purpose of your company and the long-term vision of your business.

Brand guidelines are essential to informing your customers of who you are as well as serving to support your business goals and marketing efforts. These guidelines include your company’s colors, logo variations, fonts and typefaces, etc. Brand guidelines reflect who you are as a business and differentiate you from the competition.

Your company identity is represented by a single symbol — your logo. A logo mark is one of the most important brand elements, and serves to act as the “face” of your business. Your logo should reflect how you want to be perceived by your audience, so make sure it fits your brand!

Your website design is a major factor in your overall brand strategy. This is often the first place people come to learn about your business, so it’s important that it is engaging, easy to use, and informative. A well-designed website can be the deciding factor for a customer choosing between you and one of your competitors.

Every business’s branding strategy is different, so the tactics can vary depending on your goals. Some companies will require packaging designs for their products while others will need direct mailers to market their services. Whatever your business needs, we can deliver!


Check out our other marketing services that help supplement a well-rounded campaign.

Web Development

We build data-driven websites that help market your brand and attract your target customer.


Social Media

Connect with your audience so they know how you can help them, and how they can contact you.


Google PPC

Put your business in front of your customers with paid advertising on Google & its partner sites.


Content Creation

Content marketing is key to boosting search engine rankings and delivering useful information.


Video Production

Make a great first impression with custom video that tells your story and showcases your brand.


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