4 Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Video Marketing Trends Grand Rapids

Video Marketing Trends to Follow

Video marketing is one of the most engaging and effective ways of interacting with your target audience. So much so that the average person is spending 100 minutes every day watching video content. Given this number, it should come as no surprise that 92% of marketers have declared in 2020 that video represents a significant part of their marketing efforts.

But, just because video marketing is on the rise, it doesn’t mean that you can post any type of content and expect it to reach your audience. It’s important to understand how this digital marketing strategy is evolving and be aware of the trends that fuel it.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the video marketing trends that brands should follow in 2021:

360-Degrees Videos

Online brands have a big disadvantage compared to their retail counterparts – consumers can’t touch, feel, and examine their products the way they would do in a brick-and-mortar shop. Most online retailers have tried to overcome this shortage by including lengthy product descriptions and quality images on their landing pages. But, if you want to make the shopping experience one step further, then you should start considering 360-degrees videos.

These types of videos create a more immersive experience and give consumers the illusion that they are actually seeing and experiencing the product in real life. In fact, 98% of consumers claim that 360-degrees videos are more captivating and exciting than regular ones.

Live Video Streaming Is on the Rise

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, businesses have looked for new ways to interact with their favorite consumers. As such, live video streaming on platforms like Twitch has started to gain more and more momentum.

Twitch was already a popular live video streaming platform, but for a more niche audience. But, what was first used by gamers to stream their games evolved into a massive platform where musicians, yoga instructors, and podcasters share their content and interact with their audience.

“By including storytelling in your videos, you can keep your audience engaged for longer and present your product or service in a way that directly speaks to our brains.”

Focus on Storytelling

People love stories. Our brains are wired for stories because this is how we learn about the world around us. This is so integrated into our nature that we think in stories, remember in stories, and turn almost every experience into a story.

By including storytelling in your brand videos, you can keep your audience engaged for longer and present your product or service in a way that directly speaks to our brains.

Shoppable Videos

Picture this: you’re watching a video from an apparel brand and fell in love with a certain dress. To buy it, you would have to go to their website, browse for that dress, and buy it. But, with shoppable videos, you can just click on the product you like and you will be taken to a landing page from which you can purchase it.

Given this tremendous convenience, it’s no wonder that shoppable videos are one of the hottest video marketing trends this year.

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