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Content syndication involves republishing your content on third-party platforms, and not your website. This practice has a lot of benefits, the most compelling of which being getting your brand’s voice to a new, wider audience. From eBooks to blog posts, articles, interviews, or even industry analyses, there is no shortage of the type of elements to include in your content strategy.

Content Strategy Tips

Without the right strategy, content syndication efforts can easily backfire. Not to worry though, here are 5 great tips for a solid content syndication strategy:

1.) Set Your Goals

Content syndication works like any other marketing strategy. You need to set clear objectives regarding what sort of goals you want to achieve. It might be beneficial to start the process by looking at your business now, and seeing what sort of efforts content syndication can help with.

2.) Think of the Target Audience

You might naturally assume you will be targeting the same types of audience that are gathering to your website in the first place, but that’s not the case.

Content syndication involves going to an already established audience base for a third party. As a result, you should analyze your audience base to identify certain commonalities and establish potential groups within your existing audience. This will then help you personalize your strategy even better.

“Content syndication only works with good, valuable, high-quality content. Puff pieces rarely make a difference in this sense.”

3.) See What Content You’ll Add to the Strategy

Content syndication only works with good, valuable, high-quality content. Puff pieces rarely make a difference in this sense.

It’s best to perform this on an audience and see which of your pieces:

  • Are best representing your brand
  • Fit the target audience you’ve identified
  • Offer something of value to a reader who doesn’t yet know you

4.) Look for a Third-Party

After you establish the goals, target, and content, you can start looking for a syndication partner. You should use these elements to help refine your search, as the third party that will post your content should meet these requirements:

  • Have a good monthly visitor count
  • Have an audience base that includes your target
  • Post the type of content you want to repost
  • Be a reputable, quality site

Obscure blogs with 100 monthly visitors aren’t a good option in your content syndication strategy. If you don’t know where to get started, Medium is a good (and free) option to get the strategy rolling until you can find other partners.

5.) Analyze Results

You need to know how much you spent on the strategy, and what you got in return, to measure its success. It’s best to start small and test the waters and then refine your strategy and scale.

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