How to Attract a Niche Audience with Video Marketing

Attract a Niche Audience with Video Marketing Grand Rapids

Attracting a Niche Audience with Video Marketing

Not everyone needs to cater to a huge, general audience. Niche audiences can provide brands with a lot of amazing results since marketers can more easily know what they want, and what kind of products and services speak to their expectations and pain points. Since video marketing is one of the best efforts any brand can make to attract audiences, let’s look at 4 different ways on how to attract a niche audience with video marketing.

1.) Go Where They Are

When you study your niche audience to discover its pain points and expectations, always remember to look into where they gather.

This is one of the most overlooked factors in marketing, as most brands will instead use all available tools to promote their messages. And for a general audience, that works, but niche audiences don’t necessarily work the same way.

For instance, if your niche audience is active on YouTube, or are they more TikTok enthusiasts? Both are technically video platforms, but they work very differently, and when you know where your niche audience is active, you can concentrate your efforts more efficiently.

2.) Give Them Something Valuable

With niche audiences, you have the amazing chance to form a better connection, increase their trust, and bring them closer to your brand.

But to do that, you need to give them something valuable in your videos, preferably something that they cannot find in other places. This again ties into audience pain points and expectations.

“Video marketing provides an opportunity to answer audience questions, raise awareness on topics, or even introduce them to experts in the field.”

3.) Use Live Video

Live videos have a great engagement rate as many platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Youtube actively promote live videos, so you have an even better chance of reaching audiences.

Not only that, but live videos are also quite easy to produce, as you don’t need a lot of resources apart from a camera, microphone, and a good topic to talk about. It’s an opportunity to answer audience questions, raise awareness on topics, or even introduce them to experts in the field.

4.) Make Them Participate

Content creation isn’t always about marketers thinking about what to offer audiences. Sometimes, it really pays to ask your audience what they want from you.

For instance, if you want to go live in front of your niche audience, you can ask them before about what topics they’d like you to talk about, or even ask them to send in questions for request that you can address during the broadcast. Also, you can encourage them to leave additional questions in real-time in the comment section, to really boost engagement.

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