Does SEO Still Matter in 2020?

Does SEO Still Matter Grand Rapids Digital Marketing

If you have a business, blog, or happen to be a freelance content writer then you are very familiar with the acronym SEO or at least you should be. We live in a digital age and, most of the time, the first thing someone says when there is a question is “Google it.” But does SEO still matter?

Absolutely yes is the answer to that question. It is actually more important and more relevant today than last year or the year before. With the rise of a more sophisticated Google algorithm, mastering the art of SEO in your web development and content creation is imperative to your business being found online.

But what is it exactly, and why is it so important to online traffic and search results?

Does SEO Still Matter & What Is It?

Search engine optimization, is a method used by businesses, blogs, and other online entities to help them rank higher in search results. By ranking higher is search results traffic is organically driven to their website.

Think about when you are searching for something online. Those top results that you see are in that position because the business or blog owners utilized SEO when they were creating that webpage. Every website wants to rank high in search results because if they don’t they won’t have as much if any, business. Search engine optimization is a content marketing strategy that is an essential piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Why Does SEO Matter?

There are three top reasons why it’s important to use in a content marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization may sound overwhelming and unattainable but results don’t lie. There are many other reasons why it’s important. But if you keep these things in your sights as you aim for results you will be off to a good start.

Organic Traffic

With more than half of the organic traffic a website gets coming from search results, that is reason enough to launch a content marketing campaign for your blog, business, or website. Think about it, when you pull up a search result how often do you click on the first or second result and don’t even glance at anything below that? You just gave that website organ traffic from a search result.

SEO works every day for millions of companies and websites.

Improves User Experience

Search results are not the only thing that benefit. It also improves the user experience. Part of search engine optimization is building a better and more user-friendly website. The information has to be easily accessible to rank high in search results. Google, for example, uses three criteria to rank a website.

Criteria For Ranking Websites

  • Great User Experience
  • High-Quality Content
  • Website Authority

Brand Awareness & Credibility

SEO also builds brand awareness and credibility or trust in your website, blog, or business. When you rank high in search results and have a user-friendly high-quality website people will instinctively trust your brand. This will make that brand increasingly recognizable to a larger number of potential customers.

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