Is It Time For a Website Redesign?

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Is it time for a website redesign? In the modern business world, operating without a website makes it a lot harder to promote your products and services. The internet provides an accessible and fairly cheap way to get the word out there to potential customers. Of course, having just any website isn’t really going to make a difference either.

Consumers have certain expectations when it comes to the quality of the sites they are visiting, and so do search engines. Believe it or not, Google cares about your web design. If yours doesn’t live up to expectations, its ranking drops, and consumers won’t be coming back.

Signs You Need a Website Redesign

1.) It’s Not Mobile Friendly

Since around half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, operating with a mobile-friendly site design is absolutely crucial. If you use your phone to check out your site right now, and immediately see some problems with it, then it’s very much time for a redesign.

Mobile sites should work as seamlessly as their desktop counterparts. You want to make sure consumers can do the same activities (or conversions) from their phones or tablets as they would on their laptops.

2.) Your Website Is Old

Modern sites bear little resemblance to their predecessors, and it can be strange for people to enter a website today that feels like it was made back in the 90s.

Even if it’s just one page with your contact information, you should still upgrade it to a modern design. Your site is often the first part of your business people come across, and you always want to make a good impression.

“You want to make sure consumers can do the same activities from their phones or tablets as they would on their laptops.”

3.) You Have a High Bounce Rate

A bounce rate measures the likelihood of people clicking on your link, but abandoning the page soon after, without actually interacting with it. Bounce rates will never be 0, but you still want to keep it fairly low.

If yours is high, there could be several explanations:

  • Website navigation is too complicated
  • Site speed is low
  • Site isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly
  • Content is not relevant for the user, so your marketing efforts are getting the wrong people to your site.

Search engines pay attention to bounce rates too. It tells them that while people might click on your link, something happens on your site to make them leave right away. So your rank drops as a result.

4.) It Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

Think of your site as a direct representative of your brand, like a business card. Now, answer this question: Does your current website represent your business faithfully?

Everything from the color scheme, to updating the logo and easing navigation to enhance user experience can go a long way in improving how people see your company.

Professional Website Redesign by Hungerford Media

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