Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

Grand Rapids Content Marketing Strategy

In the world of digital marketing, it may be hard to know where to start or what is really important. While doing a little bit of everything will sometimes be helpful, it is more beneficial to hone in on a few things and do them well. One of those things that can not be forgotten is a well-equipped content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One

Content creation is a unique strategy that really involves making and distributing fresh and useful content for your business’s website to drive traffic. There are several ways to do this but the most notable, or recognizable way, is through adding web page content as well as blogs and informative articles.

The other methods include videos, graphics, ebooks, or downloadable things such as printables or guides. The information will help provide solutions that your website visitors are looking for while promoting your brand or business in a positive light.

“Everything you write about and add to your website should always point back to your business in some way while also being generally informative for your users”.

While there are many other reasons to use content for your business, we have put together a list of five reasons why you should implement a content strategy today.

1.) Content Gets Google to Notice You

Getting Google to notice your website and place you in the top search results requires your website to have meaningful and unique content. Search engines love content. But you can’t just write some nonsensical words on a page and call it a blog.

The information needs to be informative to readers and easy to read by skimming through. Paying attention to informative headings and page structure really helps Google see what is important. Without meaningful, informative and unique content, it is unlikely that your website will do well in organic searches that use SEO.

2.) You Are in Control

Content on your website allows you to control the message that you are sending. It also helps you control the conversation before potential customers make a purchase or contact you. People are generally going to research before they buy something. They are going to look for advice, recommendations, and things to consider.

Content on a blog or website can help you steer them to where you want them to go. For example, if you are selling women’s shoes, then something you might have on your blog is an article about “Best Shoes For Narrow Feet”.

3.) Builds Your Brand

Your brand tells people who you are, what your message is, why you do what you do, and what you sell (without being salesy). Branding is something that can not be overlooked and is important when it comes to marketing your business.

While people may not recognize your brand, the content you actively produce to drive traffic, can have you on the radar of your target audience before you know it.

4.) Good Content is Shareable

People love sharing good content. This is how videos, blogs, and tweets go viral in a matter of minutes. Good content will always be shareable and the more it is shared the more people see the content and go to your website.

This is reason enough to make sure that you have a content calendar full of useful, inspiring, and shareable content that points to your brand.

5.) Sends Leads Your Way

This ties back to the content being shareable. The content you put out there will generate leads for your business. People will comment, have questions, or show interest. That is your cue to follow up and engage with those users.

Content Marketing Strategy By Hungerford Media

If you need help putting together a content marketing strategy for your business, contact us here to get started! Our Grand Rapids marketing team has the knowledge and experience to help drive users to your website. Get in touch with us today!

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